Wonder Art

An art of writing...

I always regretted my bad handwriting throughout my life and tried to improve it but without success. I recommend that students should try to cultivate a good handwriting , its invaluable !

- Mahatma Gandhi

Wonder Art an art of writing...

A beautiful handwriting reflects one's personality.And to develop this skill of writing we feel proud to introduce you to our project "Wonder art - An art of writing". Wonder Art - a project by Eminence Arts & Education Pvt. Ltd. is a mix of Handwriting and Calligraphy whick will help students to enhance their beautiful handwriting...

Course we offer

Handwriting improvement

Guaranteed & Certified course for handwriting improvement.

25 Hours
English (Script, Cursive)

Speed writing

Increase your writing speed.

10 Hours
English & Hindi


Make your fonts artistic.

15 Hours basic
10 Hours Advanced


Workshops on speed writing and handwriting improvement.

7 Hours
English & Hindi

Other ventures

Corporate training

Soft-skill / Personality Development training for kids, teenagers & adults

Finishing school module for housewives & to be brides

Customized workshops for one and all

Products for sale

Cursive writing Level - 1

Cursive writing Level - 2


Calligraphy Level 1

Calligraphy Level 3

Calligraphy level 4

Calligraphy level 5

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Join us

to spread beautiful handwriting

We give Franchisees in various cities across India and abroad.Wonder Art invites you to start your own business as a Country Master Franchisee, State Master Franchisee, City Franchisee, Area Franchisee or a Teacher. Opportunity for working or a non working housewife, a teacher, male, female, running your own coaching centers, enterpreneurs, retired persons or seeking a career etc.

What peoples say about us

My son Kartik’s writing was a constant worry and I thought I had to live with it. Until Wonder Art took up the challenge and made a remarkable change! My younger son has started writing and I have already enrolled him in Wonder Art. Ofcourse they create magic !

Mr. Powar- India

I can’t believe that my son Siddharth is actually writing so beautifully. I had told Jaishree if you can improve my son’s handwriting then I will take Wonder Art franchisee. Its truly magical !

Nisha Khemka- U.K

Everytime I had time I used to sit with my kids with this handwriting improvement book to atleast make my kid’s writing readable. I had given up on my son Raj and Simmone’s cursive was no good. After the course of Wonder Art I am only smiling ear to ear. It’s unbelievable !

Bharti Pardasani- U.S

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